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Soul On Fire

The fiery sphere fell, dropped straight down the bottom of her black and white floral dress, and rolled out in front of her feet like a shot marble gone off course.  Her first instinct was to kick it, a kick so powerful to send it flying between the trees of the forest next to her wooded back yard. It would fly past that one neighbor's house with the horrid small mutt and past the white spotted deer that sometimes appeared in her driveway at night. Maybe it would land with a plop in the yellow river and sink to the bottom, glowing with the same fury all the way until it landed on the soft river floor. Curious fish would swim past it but no one would ever touch it or bother it. No one would ever find it.

She wanted to kick it. She wanted to send her flaming burden far away.

She bent down. Carefully, she picked up her little ball and held it between two fingers, ignoring the slight burn she felt on the tips of her fingers. 

Whether or not she liked it, no matter how challenging it has made life, that little orb of agony, and hope, unhindered motivation, and passion, it was hers. This was her soul. Today would not be the day she lost it.