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Milk Duds

They're sweet again

no longer unpleasant

to chew

or feel

caramel stuck to teeth

The aftertaste

makes me want


and more

I have

a box to myself

an extra serving

of caramel and calories


as good as they taste

as glad as I am 

to have this

just be mine

I can't help but hope (I'm only stage 5)

they forever taste like

friendship lost 

and love betrayed

to your selfish,

consuming lips.

Lost Again

I'm feeling very lost right now.

I wonder, are you too?

It hit me rather suddenly

A fog wave passing through.


It floats at shoulder length, I think,

Cause when I'm standing tall

And figuring which way to go

My instincts hit a wall.


But when I stick my head below,

As if to tie my shoe,

It's suddenly so clear to me

What I had planned to do.


The path I mapped out months ago

Is just some miles ahead

But stand back up and try to walk,

It just escapes


Black Leather and Red Carnations

It's easy to miss you when you're gone. 

As I lay on crumbled sheets, 

Lights dim, I look for your brown shoes

To be perfectly placed at the foot

Of my bed.


I want to run my finger tips

Along the black leather of your

Satchel, slightly worn and seated

Proudly on a chair.


I sniff, wondering if the scent

Of your three cologne mix

Might still linger in the room.


I close my eyes and imagine in just

Moments I will hear that familiar

Tap, tap, tap

On my window.


I open them. 


No shoes to see, bag to touch,

Scent to smell, or taps to hear. 

Just the red carnations

You left on my table.