Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Wish You Well

Finding the courage to dial,

The hard part

Afraid to look weak

Open myself to criticism or

Long drawn out conversation

Intended to be quick,

Pulling leaves from trees

And bushes while I walk,

I glace up at smoky skies

Hit that dreadful phone icon.


No turning back.


I was surprised.

His voice still brings

Laugher and smiles

Memories of hiding

In crisp blue sheets

Baking apple pie

In a run down kitchen

Singing in his shark sedan

Voices drowned by stereo.

I thought these words

would be hardest

because I wanted

Them to be true.

I wasn't sure they were.


Then I said it.


To my shock they were

Not just true,

The truest words I'd ever spoken -

Truer than anger

Truer than regret

Truer than love


Then found

Then lost