Nina Brav

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Sparkle (Pt 4 of 6 in "Healing Series")

I love the way my hair bounces when I jump and dance and how my eyes are like magnents that attract so easily and how my finger nails grow quickly even when I bite them and how I'm quick with my words, have a razor sharp tounge. I love my ambition and my heart. I love how I am not evil but sometimes pretend. I love how when I swing at a park I am 6 years old and 6 feet tall and when I close my eyes my feet almost touch a cloud. I love how it feels when I turn golden and shimmery in the sunlight, and sometimes in the moonlight too. I love that I have people who never stop loving and supporting me. I love how I steal covers while I sleep and how I can devour four books in a day. I love how I take on a new city. I love how I love cheese. Mostly I love how I sparkle.