Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

One Last Poem...

This will be the last
love poem
I ever write
Inspired by pain
Fueled by our memories.

This is the last. It has to be.
Because I can't keep remembering
Purple ties and pink pocket squares,
Rained in picnics, naked painting,
Late night buses
And wedding dances.

I cannot hold onto the
Note slipped under my door, and the tears
And confusion that followed, and the fear
That probably ruined us.
Your own creation.
A broken bracelet,
Moon rock necklace, 
Lost, then found, then put away.

I cannot replay
The night
Of the discussion,
That was not really a discussion
And the excuses you made
But worst was the lie,
That you had loved
When, clearly, you had not.

This will be the last time
I feel regret, or remorse
Sadness or betrayal
Anger or confusion
Or love that was not love
So that art might be
Created in your name.