Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Day in the Life

Start the day

Piece of cake

Get up

Put pants on

One leg at a time

Make coffee

If ambitious

Boil eggs

Then sit

At home

In sunlight


At desk

Near window

Peering out

Over corporate walls

And then break


To lunch on salad

Or sandwich

Plus chips

(I've earned the extra calories)

Then back to work

Or if home

Take a stroll

In sunlight

Still warm

Not quite fall

No longer summer

Then back

Change for gym

To spandex

And worded tank tops

Of past friends

Who were called family

But weren't real friends

Or real family

30 cardio

Today abs

Or maybe arms

Quick shower

Usually in rush

If home

Meet a friend

Or see a movie

Or go to poetry


Or concert

With a guy

Who would date

(If my heart weren't stone)

Run late

Always run late

But not too late

Or order room service

More likely door dash

More food than needed

Have budget

Why not

And binge

On food

And flix

And feelings


If home


Crawl into bed

And write

Because something

Definitely agitated

First angry

Then sad

Then indignant

Then sad again

Have to write

Better to spill

Rather than swallow


And then

When ready

Take off clothes

It's cold

The air sneaks in

But blankets warm

Naked body