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The Dream Weaver

Salette loved the burn of the loom in her fingers. There was an electric sensation as she weaved the metallic threads, interlocking strands of various colors and thickness. This electricity coursed through her and for just a moment, Salette got a glimpse of the dream that she was weaving. Adella had once told Salette that she might be the most talented Somn Artist in all of Kitada. Perhaps, Adella shared, that a lifetime of sorrow from having never known her family might fuel the passion in the stories that Salette created. 

Salette could not be sure. Adella had found Salette 16 years ago wiggling around in a small basket in the palace garden. Adella had share that the evening she'd found Salette, the moon was so high it barely brought light to the blanket of darkness that covered Kitada. Adella might have tripped over the small child had it not been for the sound of small gurgles coming from a dark heap near the wishing tree. Adella had pitied the poor, beautiful baby that was giggling amongst the flowers, unwitting to the fact that her parents had left alone. So with the Queen’s permission, Adella took in the child.


Although Adella was quite certain that Salette must be filled with the sadness of knowing she had been left behind, Salette could not tell. Salette liked the life she led working in the palace. She loved growing up with Adella and she loved being free to walk the grounds of the palace at her will. Salette had always seen her life as rather fortunate, to be exact. The young girl had a gift and a love of building stories into the fabrics of someone’s mind. It was a task that took great detail and patience, and one that, when completed, was an incredible gift that she loved to share. 

Somn Artists were highly sought out across all five neighboring kingdoms in Gobi. Many women from Cao, Kitada's sister Kingdom came and worked under Adella as apprentices. Learning the art of Somn took months and years to master but, those who did would be seen an invaluable to any kingdom.

Salette's concentration was interrupted when she noticed a growing light on the workshop's stairwell. Adella descended, lamp in hand and dressed in her nightgown. Adella's black hair fell chaotically around her shoulders and two sleepy brown eyes squinted at Salette. "Salette, what in the world are you doing up?" Adella opened the curtain. The sun was just beginning to peak over the east lake.
"I wanted to finish this dream," Said Salette. The young girl looked tired but determined. In the light of the lamp Salette's golden skin glowed. She still wore her pale green work robes from the day before and her brown hair was messy. Waves of curls crashed against the sides of her face and Adella wondered how Salette didn't disappear into her hair entirely.

"Well unlike you, I no longer hold my youth," Adella said, pushing Salette's curls behind her ear, "I need my rest." Adella turned back to the stairs and started her way up. "If you're still awake in two hours," Adella said as she climbed, "Please start the kettle for my tea."

"Yes, Adella. Goodnight." The soft light faded with Adella's departure and Salette was left alone with only the rising sun. She picked back up her loom and got back to work. Her hands moved methodically and soon enough Salette was once again in her space of excitement and creation.