Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Prologue: Her Vow

"Let me see. Ah, yes...


I'll start with water

cold and pure, then add

some fire for kick and more. 

A root from Cedar, a branch from Oak, 

A jagged knife that's killed.


Add blacken ashes that once were bone,

a toe nail, broken, a mossy stone.

They'll make my cauldron bubble

and thud--I'll add a pinch

Of Black Lake mud.


Stir it twice until it steams,

then add a vile of children

screams. Turn up the fire,

and as it simmers gently place

a horses' liver.


One last thing, two yellow eyes

that always see and always find. 


My spell, my potion, and my curse

prepare yourself to do your worst.

The town they love will soon be mine.

The town they loved will soon be mine.


Witches of the winds listen, hear

this widow maker's howl.

Witches heed the curse

this widow maker vows. "