Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Not Kid Stuff

Take a breath.

Sometimes in life not everything is so easy
Like picking daisies from nana's garden
and crowning ourselves queens, easy.

Baking chocolate chunk cookies
for the community center bake sale,
and licking the bowl clean, easy.

But that was all kid stuff.

We have to help her.

I had a dream about her last night.
She was trapped. Not like in a box
or a closet but across a vast ocean.
She can't swim. She wasn't here in pre-k
when we all learned.

We dug all day using anything we could find--
flat rocks, branches, we even took spoons from the cafeteria.
All day...

All day and all week we dug, hoping to reach her-
To be able to grab our friend and say, "Li,
it's going to be alright. You're safe."

Then today, we came out
Went to our station beneath the jungle gym...
I actually cried real tears when I saw

Our hole. Our hole was filled.
Someone had filled our hole.
Someone had ruined the one chance for Li.

My hands cradled my face. What to do.
I was devastated. What to do.
"What do we do," a voice asked.
I stared blankly into my palms.
"Gabby, what do we do?"

Not everything in life is so easy,
I told myself.
It isn't kid stuff. This is real life--a mission.

"We dig," I said.
And we did. And if someone filled it up,
we dug again, faster.

This mission, this goal was not easy
and it wasn't kid stuff.
That didn't matter.

By the end of it I knew in my heart,
That we would do it
I knew in the end we would have our hole to China.