Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Little Giant

He carried her in his palm and gently placed her on the mountain.

"You know, I've set you up for greatness," his voice thundered, "and I expect you to grasp it."

The girl nodded. She noted her surroundings. The ice capped mountain top was mostly barren. There was not a tree, even a bird in sight. All she saw was him and the sky around them. It didn't even startler her anymore that even standing on the tallest peak in the sky, she wasn't at his eye level. His white beard dragged against the mountain's floor, blending with the snow. Her dark brown curls blew with each breath he took.

"You're something special you know." His smile was grand, the kind of smile you could trust. He extended a giant hand and placed it near her. She walked to it, grabbed his finger, and hugged it with all her might.

He was always there... believing her, taking care of her. He always knew what she was supposed to be.

The next thing she knew, she was sobbing into his mighty index. She held on, as if for dear life, while he simply watched, heavy with thoughts.

He knew her. He knew she would be okay. But he consoled her the way he always did: he wrapped his long snow bead around her and tucked her in. When she had done away with the tears and the pain, she would sleep. She always slept.

Perhaps it was her process of rebirth. Perhaps she needed to be broken, weeping, in pieces before emerging from her own ashes. Oh for when she arose -- the world would not be prepared for such greatness, such drive or compassion. All would look at her and gape with wonder at how one small person could be so impactful.

But right now -- she cried. He knew she cried because he had made her tough, demanded it of her. She cried because he was the only one she shared her vulnerabilities.

She did fall asleep... after her rhythmic weeps and with warmth around her. She slept for hours restfully. It was dawn when she awoke. He was there as he always was, as he'd always promised to be.

"Are you ready to return?" He asked.

She nodded. He laid out his palm and she stepped on carefully, ready to return to the world she planned to conquer.