Nina Brav

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June on the Moon

“My lady, June….  Got her a silver spoon ” His voice was gruff but his notes sailed smoothly from one another.  “I’m just a man… perching on the moon…” Taul’s dark mustache rested above his lips, lush as peals from the juiciest clementine. His mouth quivered slightly as he added vibrato. “Dreaming isn’t just for big guys… Small guys should dream too.” 

Taul’s spotlight was soft and dimmed slowly with his last note. Taul perched on his stool as the stage light shifted to Maurice and his Saxophone.  The brassy sounds from stage right sent waves of energy through the air and into the crowd. Taul‘s eyes were shut but between the rhythms he heard a high-pitched whistle followed by a series of hoots. In about twenty five seconds, the light would be back on Taul and it would be time for the final verse of the night. 

There was another whistle from the crowd as Maurice performed the last of his solo with ease. Taul opened his eyes just as his spotlight faded back up. His dark skin glimmered with beads of sweat. 

“Lovers walk hand in hand… I see them too… Remember when I had the love” A dramatic pause, the drums hit, a long note from Maurice. Taul took a deep breath and belted into the black box, “My sweet lady……… Juneeee” Thunderous applause erupted as Taul poured his soul into that final word and the saxophone trailed right behind him.