Nina Brav

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Her Vow: Part 1

Sarah McGee sat at the oval breakfast table with concentration in her eyes. She lowered her neck until it kissed the tables smooth surface and quickly flicked away a single black curl that had escaped from behind her ear. She stared intently. Her victim that day: a salt shaker.

She didn't drop eye contact and moved her lips slowly. Fall, she willed. Tumble onto your side. Let the weight give out and crumble. She closed her eyes and imagined the task being completed. She felt a tingle in her ears and understood it as the magic escaping, completing her spell. She imagined the once innocent container split in half, spilling a sea of salt onto her mother's flower print table cloth.

Sarah opened her eyes and found... the salt shaker exactly as it had been. Unmoved, untouched, unbroken. 

"You suck" she spat at her inanimate victim. Sarah whisked away from the table and ran into the living room.