Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Black Leather and Red Carnations

It's easy to miss you when you're gone. 

As I lay on crumbled sheets, 

Lights dim, I look for your brown shoes

To be perfectly placed at the foot

Of my bed.


I want to run my finger tips

Along the black leather of your

Satchel, slightly worn and seated

Proudly on a chair.


I sniff, wondering if the scent

Of your three cologne mix

Might still linger in the room.


I close my eyes and imagine in just

Moments I will hear that familiar

Tap, tap, tap

On my window.


I open them. 


No shoes to see, bag to touch,

Scent to smell, or taps to hear. 

Just the red carnations

You left on my table.