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A Letter to Maisy

Dear Maisy,

Remember when you woke me up too early one Sunday morning and made me hush as we crept down the stairs. Mama had just put the corn bread on the stove to cool and when she walked into the livingroom, we tiptoed on our barefeet, snatched up the pan and ran with it to the pond. We sat there all morning with the sun shining and the little green ducks waddling around us. 

Oh Maisy, I remember how your blonde curls were all knotted that day but still your hair shone golden in the sun. I was so jealous that I was stuck with boring brown waves. You were lucky.

Do you remember how I used to kiss your cheek when you cried? That one time you lost Sabrine. We looked everywhere for that stupid white tiger. We even went to church to see if someone had found it after mass but she was gone and you were so sad. I'd never seen you so sad in my life. You hid all in your blue cotton sheets and cried all night. And I held you. I kissed your cheek and brushed away the streams on your face as best I could.

I never knew I could miss you so bad. I always thought that you were the one who was supposed to miss me. I planned to get on out of here you know. I was gonna move to some fancy city--study art or music. I would drink nice wine and long dresses. I would be the lucky one. I thought you might miss me then. But you're gone and I'm stuck here with stupid streams on my face. Now I'm here wishing that I had you here to kiss my cheek and tell me that it's okay. Maisy, please... come back to me. Tell me that I don't have to feel so damn alone. Tell me it will all be okay.

Love Forever,