Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Poetica Post

Poética Post is the result of a collaboration between Nina Brav and independent artists. In this series, visual artists create pieces inspired by Nina Brav’s poetry, stories, and vignettes. These artists analyze the intention behind the words and illustrate their interpretation through beautiful visualizations. The art is featured in an elegant post card set which is currently available for purchase. 

To purchase a series from Poetic Post, please click here or visit the purchase page. 

Meet the Visual Artists behind Poetica Post

Samantha Wong

Based in New York City, Samantha Wong is classically trained in design and painting. Her work has focused on private commissions and designing public murals. Samantha continues to develop this passion by pursuing Graphic Design at Boston University.

Sarah Cowan White

Sarah Cowan White is an artist and art educator living and working in Athens, GA. She received her BFA in Art Education with a concentration in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia. She is currently exploring the intersection of figuration and abstraction in oil painting.

Katherine Yau

Katherine Yau creates designs with elegant mark-marking and flowing compositions that share moments of beauty and movement. She currently lives and works in Charlotte, NC teaching painting classes at a local studio.

Tammy Qiu

Tammy Qiu is a painter and dancer from the Bay Area, CA. She specializes in watercolor and ink cityscapes, oil and acrylic figures, and Chinese dance. Tammy is currently studying Computer Science and Graphic Design at Boston University.