Nina Brav

Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Hi - I'm Nina, Nina Brav.

When you were a kid, think back to what it is you liked to do. That is how you know what your true calling is.

This is something my mother liked to say to me. Words of comfort for when I was feeling lost about college, career or the direction of my life in general. For me the answer was simple -- since childhood I've done two things: write and start small businesses.

My first novel and my first business happened around the same time. It was 3rd grade when I started making greeting cards. With my service, children could buy their parents a hand crafted "made with love" (that was my slogan) card and, after some horizontal expansion, other paper goods including paper footballs and fortune tellers. Meanwhile, I had just started my first novel, a drama surrounding the life of Lily Bond, daughter of James Bond. While dealing with the burden of her family's legacy, Lily finds herself at the center of a plot by an evil mastermind who has kidnapped the adults and left robots in their place. 

 As you can imagine, my love of constructing characters, word flows, and crafty products has only grown since then. It stands to reason that I should continue to pursue these passions. 

Born and bred in the South, I decided to take my adventures to Boston to obtain my BSBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business. I've now lived among the snowbirds for 5+ years, learning the ways of layering, scarf fashion, and pretending like it's warm if the temperature is over 60°F. I currently daylight as a business consultant and moonlight as a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. And when that moon rises, my world changes. Out comes the magic and monsters, the ones that creep out of the creaky wooden house that lives in my head.

Just a handful of the journals I have lying around.

Just a handful of the journals I have lying around.

I believe in vulnerability through expression. I believe in order to be an artist, someone must consume what I have created. I hope my stories, products, and art provide a unique and valuable experience to my readers. In my writings you may find yourself reflecting on the imagery and attach your own meaning. I do not apologize for evoking emotion in what write. Sometimes you will come across pain and passion, other times fear. Sometimes hope or childlike humor. Always there is beauty. 

I like my moonlit life. I will always choose magic and monsters and the house in my head. I'll always choose the stories that make the world around us come alive. Join me. I'll lead you down a winding road. It may be chilly with a creeping fog, or sometimes rainy on a dangerous path, but I will not lead you astray. 

-Nina Brav